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Horoscope Discussion

Astrology is broad, which basically searches for money in the sky. Early evidence of human conscious efforts for predicting measurements, records, and seasonal changes through reference to the astronomical cycle was found on the bone and cavity paintings on the wall, it is estimated that the moon cycle was mentioned 25,000 years ago. It was the first step to record the effects of the Moon on the Moon and the rivers and the activities of a communal calendar organization.

Horoscope Reading & Consulting

Horoscope reading & consultation includes doing predictions about personal life. As, health, intelligence, ethics, personality, bank balance, sibling, relative, friend, transport, education, children, secret enemy, disease, conjugal life, partnership, accident, fate, loan, good or bad activity, foreign degree, income source, emigrant, expense, education as well as lifelong problems & solution. If you want to learn about your horoscope, you have to provide the accurate birth information to know the right prediction.

Horoscope Preparing or making & Consultation

Horoscope According to the date and time of the newborn's birth and planets, his whole life is determined accordingly. For this reason, the birth date must be correctly identified; otherwise, the calculation of the cell is not correct. In ancient times, this birth date was judged very well.

Transits analysis of Horoscopes

The transition of various planets on 12 zodiacs is not the same, always. These planets change their place & position after their specific time period. A transition of these planets identifies the fate and future of a person.

Visions of medical astrology

In astrology, there are so many ways to find out disease of that particular person. So, to find out the exact disease of a particular person one must be perfect in diagnosing the disease by looking at the planetary position of an individual. In order to do this, the basic knowledge of the human body and its constitution are essential.It is also essential to know the formation of the body and the contents to help the body to move and do necessary work.
This would enable us to predict the particular disease based on the planetary position at that point in time. To study the above subject one should not only be thorough with the anatomy but also he must know the karakathvas of individual planet and action on the particular part of the body. In addition to this one should be conscious to give an exact remedy or remedial measure for different kinds of disease and also the part for which the disease was affected or going to be affected by the influence of a particular planet.
In addition to the above, the astrologer should be well versed to recommend a diet based on the effects of the malefic planet and also based on the disease that they are predicting. Medical astrology is such a vast subject. The particular astrologer should show dedication to know and learn both medical and astrological aspects in order to predict accurately. The astrologer should also be practical in his subject otherwise the subject may lose its status.

Special results of Nakshatra in Dasha & Antar Dasha

According to ancient Jyotishi Satyachary, it is very important to know that when a specific event will happen, the planet in relation to the event is in the constellation. It has already been told that the size of one star is 13 dB 20 m. Therefore, the first 13th of the sheep is the space of Ashvini stars; Next 13th, 20th, starring the star. The sheep (30 degrees total) and the rest is 3d20m This 3 rd 20 minute and next amount of bull's 10th-degree bullion is 13th. In this way, it is understood that there are three stars in each row. It is easy to understand now that which planet is in a constellation, which is in any star. Suppose someone is in the 10th degree of Rabi sheep at the time of birth. But his Robi is in the No.1 Ashwini Star. If someone is in the 20th degree of Jupiter Lion, then its position in Jupiter is 11th Pfalguni Star. In this way, all planetary constellations must be found. If a single cell is examined, the numbers mentioned above on the planets are the constellations. The width of each star is 13 degrees 20 minutes. Divide it into 4 parts, each division is a step below the star in 3 degrees 20 minutes; That is, each star can be divided into four stanzas, spreading every 3 to 20 minutes.

Visions of Numerology

Numerology is a 4,000-year-old science, which can say about everything from your date of birth ( success in a profession, your weaknesses, your dormant strength, your health, what danger is waiting for you in the future, what opportunity is waiting for you, who can be the enemy, who is your best friend, your feelings) etc.


Daily Predictions

According to ancient scriptures, the zodiac is a very important subject by which all people feel affected. So there is no reason to think that your zodiac sign is trivial, you can see your horoscope at a glance. This will make strong you're moral about the present and the future. And what is the effect of the work of marriage etc. by the Rashifal. So you can know your daily Rashifal here.

Monthly Predictions

Count the future, see the hand and count the fate, check your fate well or bad, how will the month be? Regular monthly zodiac sign, check the each Saturday zodiac sign, find out this month’s fortune, monthly balance, astrology, future plans, future words, future words, ways to change luck. Find out the signs of the nails of yourself, the future of others, the magic of the future, the lines of rhyme will tell life, love, the future!

Yearly Predictions.

Everyone is more interested in the New Year than it can be. In astronomical observations, the position and the position of the stars are reviewed in the zodiac, according to zodiac signs are given in advance. But it should be remembered that Star never fights the controller. Man's actions control his own fate. Here, you can get your yearly predictions and lifetime predictions both most accurately.

Remedies through Rudraksha, Gemstone, mantra & puja

we will read the remedies we can get from Gemstone. Along with happiness, people have sorrow in their lives. Everyone wants to be happy in life, get success. To avoid this negative situation, some people accept different stones. Success and failure are actually the people's own hands. Yet in some cases, these gems rocket play an important role in the world. Some of these stones have to be guessed in some direction. And we need to know that there are gems and jewels and gender discrimination. For men and women gems are different, gem stones are applicable to men. If the combination is properly used, the results do match. People's fate may change. Some people like these gems, they want success overnight. It's not possible. Because many time these gems exist on the auspicious effects of planet stars. During the trial, we should select one or two of the most suitable gems for considering the weakness of the loyalists, the Rashtrapati of the planets, and the analysis of the overall analysis.


It is usually used to spoil evil Rahu. Gomeda is considered to be effective for suits, molestation, parasites, family disputes, finances etc. Generally, this stone is more suitable for those born in January. Meaning of Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac – the zombies are more effective for the people.


Aquamarine is an effective gemstone to overcome marital disputes, family turbulence, mental unrest, financial distress, loss of social status, secret enmity etc. A survey conducted by users has shown that it is a special effect for the people of the country.


Generally, it is considered to be a good fortune for the people of Aries Rashika.


It is for Gemini, emeralds are very useful for the Rashi.


Generally, the stones are especially fitting for the people of the race.


It is used by the people of the lion-ridden people to protect themselves from evil and mischief


Coral is very useful to move the evil spirit of the Gemini in a wholesome way.


It is not possible to easily avoid social and bitter fiasco in the right hand or on the left-hand arm.

Horoscope’s critical analysis

Horoscope's critical analysis means critical analysis of people's life. As about matchmaking, secret disease, children etc. Sometimes critical question or situation arise in life, people don't find any solution to those. But with a correct analysis of horoscope, it can be identified perfectly.