About S.K. Ghosh

Astrologer S.K. Ghosh was born on 2nd June 1992 in a Respectable family of chaugachha, Jessore district, currently he is a legendary Astrologer and Researcher on Astrological subject or fields. During his studying in intermediate education he wants to know whatever Astrology is science or not. In the view of the Started Studying Astrological science from 2010.

Mr Ghosh is a Dynamic, discovery and Research minded Personality After Completing his MBA and BBA in Accounting, he got More changes to Performs jobs But he deny offers. After denying his job offers he Started Astrological Study and research in Kolkata. Mr Ghosh dedicates more time to acquire the Proper Knowledge in Astrology. Finally, he comes to a conclusion that Astrology is a Science & its The heller of human being.

Now Astrologer S.K. Ghosh provides a unique consultation of Astrological critical terms to the heller of human being. He involves many international Astrological institutes and Research center.
He has been title jyotish vhidyavarati, jyotish swarasati & daivajna. He has Receveied the prestigious award of jyotish samrat-2017.

Astrologer S.K. Ghosh performs teaching as a lecturer of Bangladesh national academy of Astrology, Dhaka, Bangladesh. And life member of asian Astrologer Congress, fellow member of Astrological research project (M.A.R.P) Kolkata.
Further Mr. Ghosh is special part of institutes of Astrological science, Dhakuria branch, kolkata and life member of indian college of Astrology and Astronomy Kolkata. During 3rd july 2018. He was joined the additional general secretary of Bnas (Bangladesh national Astrologer’s society)

Presently, he provides Astrological consultancy, application of Astrological critical terms to guide a proper prevention and solutions of remedy as Verdict Astrology.

He is expert in:

  • Palm Reading
  • Identifying short horoscope
  • Identifying long horoscope
  • Vaastu Vichar
  • Education
  • Solving problem in job-business
  • Love & Marriage solution
  • Conjugal arguments
  • Enmity
  • Health issues
  • Accidents
  • Suggestion regarding the future of children
  • Judging the combiner of marriage
  • Selecting accurate gemstone
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S.K. Ghosh is one of the best Indian/Bangladeshi Astrologer, Psychic and Spiritual Healer. He specializes in a number of areas such as re-uniting relationship problems, business recruitment, finding out the solutions in personal and professional life.

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